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Summer School - Reach Ahead (Gr. 7 & 8)

Summer School Program - Reach Ahead

   PLEASE NOTE: Summer school Reach Ahead Online courses will be presented in an asynchronous format. *

The Reach Ahead program is a face to face or online experience that involves four (4) full weeks of daily online or in person instruction for grade 7 & 8 students who will be entering grade 9 at one of our BHNCDSB secondary schools.

Reach Ahead will run from July 2, 2024 - July 26, 2024. Attendance is mandatory for all days of the program. Registration  will close June 19, 2024. ​*Times/Locations Subject to Change

Brant haldimand Norfolk Catholic District School Board students complete registration through My Blueprint.

External Grade 8 Students planning to attend one of our BHNCDSB high schools in the fall of 2024 need to be pre registered at one of our four highschool prior to registering for Reach Ahead. Please contact St. Mary Catholic Learning Centre to register once this is complete. 

External Grade 7 Students are not able to participate in the 2024 summer school year as no pre-registration has been completed or confirmed.

  BENEFITS of the Program

Look at our Reach Ahead flyer here.

  • 4-week credit-bearing course
  • Online instruction
  • Earn a credit before high school
  • Understanding academic expectations
  • Healthy active living strategies
  • Familiarization of the school layout
  • Meeting classmates & making new friends

  FAQ & Program Expectations

  • For answers to Frequently Asked Questions please click here.
  • For Program Expectation please click here

    July 2, 2024 - July 26, 2024 Course Offerings

Review Course Descriptions here

Reach Ahead – Grade 7 & 8 Face-to-face

Grade 9 Hospitality – TFJ1O
Grade 9 Hairstyling & Aesthetics – TXJ1O
Grade 9 Construction Technology – TCJ1O

 Reach Ahead – Grade 7 & 8 Online

Grade 9 Personal Fitness – PAF1O
Grade 9 Learning Strategies 1; Skills for success in secondary School – GLS1O
Grade 9 Information & Communication Technology in Business – BTT1O
Grade 9 Drawing – Visual Arts – AWL1O


Registration Instructions:

To submit their Summer School courses, students will need to:

  1. Log in to their accounts through Brightspace (D2L)
  2. Click on the “Resource” tab
  3. Scroll down and select myBlueprint
  4. Click on the Circle with three lines in it at the top left of page
  5. Click Continuing Education
  6. Click Explore Courses
  7. The available courses for summer school will be listed.  Click on Submit Course for the course to be taken
  8. A message of “Accepted” and the course name will appear


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  PLEASE NOTE: Summer school Reach Ahead online courses will be presented in an online asynchronous format. *

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   Dates & Attendance

  • Daily attendance for all four (4) weeks is required in order to earn this Grade 9 credit

  • These are now online & in person courses and attendance is mandatory in order to earn the credit.

  • Holidays should not be taken during the duration of the course.


 ​  BHNCDSB Email, Username and Password

  • All email communication will come through students' BHNCDSB e-mail account, NOT personal e-mail accounts.

  • User name and passwords are used for the BHNCDSB online learning platform Desire2Learn (D2L).

  • Use of D2L is required for the Reach Ahead courses that students are enrolled in.

  • If students do not know their username and password they should speak to their current grade 8 teacher for this information.

  • If the teacher is not able to assist, please contact

   Desire2 Learn (D2L)/ Brightspace Learning Platform


  Withdrawing from Reach Ahead Courses

  • If circumstances change and a student is no longer able to/does not wish to participate in the Summer School Reach Ahead program prior to the beginning of summer school please contact:

  • If a student is no longer able to/does not wish to participate in the Summer School Reach Ahead program from July 2, 2024 to July 26, 2024, please contact:

St. Mary Catholic Learning Centre

Main Office 519-753-0552

  • If the request to withdraw is received prior to the Full Disclosure/Drop Date Wednesday, July 17, 2024, the student's name will be removed from the eLearning registration list without academic penalty.
  • Parental consent is required for removal from a course for all students under the age of 18, so if a student is under the age of 18 a parent must be the one who makes the contact.


Asynchronous learning happens on your schedule. While your course of study, instructor, or program will provide materials for reading, lectures for viewing, and assignments for completing, you can access and satisfy these requirements on your own schedule, so long as you meet the expected deadlines. Common methods of asynchronous online learning include self-guided lesson modules, pre-recorded video content, virtual libraries, lecture notes, and online discussion boards or social media platforms.



For more information about Summer School programs please contact the Continuing Education offices at:

Main Office 519-753-0552




All BHNCDSB students have the ability to download and use a copy of Microsoft office at home free of charge. Students must also know their BHNCDSB username and password to do the installation. The following link will walk you through how to install it on your computer: Install MS Office for home.